Worldly vs. Holy Spirit Conviction

What is the difference between worldly conviction and Holy Spirit conviction?

My Childhood

Holy Spirit Conviction reflecting and daydreamingWhen I was a child I lived in the country with houses being about a quarter of a mile apart.  I spent a lot of time walking around with little to do.  So I daydreamed a lot and reflected on my experiences.  I felt I was in trouble a lot at school and with my parents.  I was wild and sometimes uncontrollable.

One thing that was consistent in my life was the Holy Spirit.  I didn’t understand conviction at that time but I could identify that it was God correcting me.  It was like something twisting inside me.  Sometimes, I could see a tornado of darkness and light quickly pass by.  I felt the urge to stop, listen and walk away from what I was about to do.  My mind had planned out the action already but something (or someone) in my heart stopped me.

I learned about the Holy Spirit, not from a preacher or priest but from experience.  I live this experience every day of my life.  The Holy Spirit guides me.  It’s about having a relationship with God.  If I didn’t have God in my life then I wouldn’t know or understand what I’m posting.  This one thing I’m about to tell you is what started it all for me.  My life changed when I asked, “What is the Holy Spirit”?  When I sought out and asked people this one question my heart opened into a relationship with Jesus.

Holy Spirit Conviction apostles tongue of fire

What brought me to this moment today to think about the Holy Spirit Conviction you might ask?  Did I do something wrong today?  Was it someone else?  Who is to blame? Is there a guilty party?

No, not in real life.

Today I was writing a story about a kid walking to school.  It’s the classic Bully taking lunch money from the kid, kinda story.  Something different happens in my story.  I’ll share the difference between conviction from this world and conviction from the Holy Spirit?  But first, you will need to read my story to see the experience and understand.

Story Time

Holy Spirit Conviction bully shakedownTimmy is walking home when he sees Charles. Charles “The Pounder” they call him. He is such a bully taking money from other kids.  All the children at the school run the other direction when they see him. Timmy was not paying attention that day. His thoughts were of his dad staying at home and helping him get ready for school. They worked together to make breakfast cooking pancakes and bacon. Then read the newspaper together looking for the best movies playing this Friday night. Timmy is so excited to go to the movies tonight.

Charles calls him out. “Hey YOU!” with a snicker. “You know the drill give me something good or…” Charles quickly pounds his fist creating the sound “SMACK”.

Timmy immediately freezes not knowing what to do. Some kids walking towards the two see what is happening and turn around. Timmy looks and sees them walking away. He feels so alone. Then it happens. A thought comes to his heart. He remembers what his father told him before he left to go to school. “Timmy, this is very important now, just remember Jesus is always with you. He will protect you from danger, just ask for his hand.” Timmy closes his eyes and quickly prays “please help me, help…”

Charles yells “What are you doing!” pushes Timmy “I’m not going tell you again”

Timmy feels a calmness immediately surround him. He opens his eyes and tears begin to flow down his cheeks.  He sees Charles standing in front of him. Timmy is compelled to do something crazy.  He can’t believe what his thinking. He lunges forward and throws his arms around Charles hugging him.

Timmy pictures an image in his mind. Jesus steps between him and Charles. Jesus then pushes a shadowy figure away from Charles.  His protecting him from the enemy.  It’s a battle between what is right and wrong.

Charles was startled and doesn’t know how to react. He sees some other kids looking at them. Charles is confused on what just happened.

Timmy realizes what he just did. He lets go of Charles and walks away quickly.

Charles is still in shock and whispers “why did he do that…”

Timmy begins to cry covering his face. He stops walking. and hears a voice in front of him.


Holy Spirit Conviction hug of rememberanceTimmy looks up and sees Charles standing there. Charles reaches out and hugs Timmy whispering “Forgive Me… only my mom use to hug me… I’m sorry”

What Charles never knew was his mom had been praying for him till she passed away. She was asking the Lord to bring someone into Charles life to help guide him in knowing the truth.

What is the difference between conviction from this world and conviction from the Holy Spirit?

The difference to me is there is no guilt, judgment or  condemnation in the Holy Spirit.  He frees us from these things.  He shows us Love, forgiveness and builds us up to bear good fruit.  His faithful, kind and always there with us no matter what we are going thru.

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